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D&I in the Time of Crisis

Diversity and Inclusion has become a very integral part of our lives. Today’s crisis unveils that D&I doesn’t necessarily need to be practiced when people are physically present in an office. Across the world, employers are asking employees to work remotely. Life has taken a 180 degree turn in just a matter of days. Therefore, how to be more inclusive during these times?

Being Digitally Responsible: With a lack of public engagement and social gatherings being cancelled, internet usage has increased along with a greater social media engagement. As responsible professionals, we need to refrain from passing racial comments on social media platforms that can hurt millions of sentiments. In these sensitive times, discrimination can be at its peak. Being inclusive is being equal and equitable.

Minimizing Bias: Social distancing is an effective way of mitigating bias. When humans interact in person, we create opinions which accumulates on over time in our minds. Remote working limits in-person access to voice calls, emails, chat and in certain cases a video call. This minimizes bias and makes our practice more inclusive.

Adapting to Change: Are we resilient to change? The current crisis had made most of us take a step back to reflect on our current business models and what we need to do continue being in business. Most managers are caught up with their mundane business practices that most are not adaptive to change. The real question here is: Do we have a choice? Here’s an opportunity for managers to become effective leaders and lead the way through.

Teamwork: While social distancing and self-isolation looks like the new way forward, we redefine the famous quote ‘United we Stand’ to how united we are when we are asked to be divided. You can still be a team and stand for each other’s beliefs, opinions and value each other’s ideas.

Global Marketplace: Take the time to get to know your community globally. Connect with like-minded people and participate in online global forums. Learn from your peers and share your knowledge too. Let’s come together to make the world more inclusive.

To fight the crisis. governments have asked non-essential businesses to close shop for now. D&I is an essential. It is an essential part of your business….WE ARE ALWAYS OPEN 24/7.

Written by: Rudinov Vincent, CEO, Lormat Consulting Company and Founder, DIfest America and Canada. |



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