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Lormat Consulting Company is proud to present a series of D&I focused webinars that would enhance your learning experience in a knowledge based economy. Our aim is to add value to a growing D&I community and leverage these conversations to a wider audience across the globe. Through our knowledge based platform, we encourage to participate and take advantage of our learnings.

“Meaningful LGBTQ+ Engagement and the Return on Inclusion”


If the purchasing power of the estimated $3.7 trillion global LGBTQ+ market is the only thing driving your inclusion strategy, you’re probably doing it wrong. Meaningful engagement with LGBTQ+ consumers starts with creating an inclusive environment in which queer and trans employees can excel. Many businesses struggle with the development of an effective inclusion strategy because they don’t know how to measure success in this important area.

In this webinar Colin Druhan, Executive Director of Pride at Work Canada, will lead a discussion on the common pitfalls many businesses face when seeking a different kind of ROI: the Return on Inclusion.

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The Exclusive Triside Chat: “Evaluating Your Diversity Returns On Investment”: How Inclusion Gets Measured”

June 2020

Diversity & Inclusion practices have a direct relation with market share and the return on investment for companies. Organizations with best-in-class D&I programs prove to generate a better ROI and outperform their competitors in the stock market than those without.

We will have a conversation with our guests about the importance of diversity, how it can help businesses and what is required to quantify diversity to reflect the impact it has created within organizations.

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“Leveraging ERG’s To Create Connection And Community During Covid-19”

June 2020

We will learn from companies across North America and across industries the important role ERGs can play in maintaining a strong sense of community and belonging in this new WFH world of work.

We will discuss best practices, trends and key challenges ERGs are facing to keep their communities engaged, drive momentum with D&I initiatives and maintain a sense of belonging and support for diverse employees in a time of crisis and transition.

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