Difest Speaker Series

Headshot of Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett

Being a global advocate of PRIDE, is there…. – Adrian Trett

Global Inclusion & Diversity Relationship & Membership Development Manager, Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (UK)

How can organizations identify diversity gaps in order to set targets and benchmarks?

In order to identify diversity gaps in the workforce, it is imperative that organizations have in place a secure, accessible, comprehensive and detailed background to employees why data monitoring by various different characteristics is the only way to be able to set targets, quotas and benchmarks to ensure that the workforce has the most diverse set of employees, and where there are gaps, to then put in positive action methods to improve that diversity.

This requires leadership from the top of organizations, it requires a campaign and clear information as to the protection of data, explanation about who has access and why this is so important because it links directly to the business case for inclusion and diversity.

As a global advocate of PRIDE, is there a recent program you have initiated? Please share a brief background.

Celebrating PRIDE globally and being an authentic advocate means emphasizing that Pride isn’t a one day or one-month initiative for organizations to tick a box, but a continual learning and educating throughout the entire year, which is why from a Global perspective at enei, I every month ensure that all my Global & UK Members, have a regular set of articles, updating them on changes of legislation, or campaigns in countries whereby laws are being challenged, or even regressing to ensure that LGBTQ+ rights are firmly on the agenda all the time.

As an advocate, we can’t rest on our laurels even here in the United Kingdom, we have regressive and ignorant opinions destabilizing trans equality; we have practices like Conversion Therapy which are seen by some people as an acceptable path to destruct people’s character and behavior and turn them away from leading authentic lives, and sadly the stigma and gross misrepresentations of people living with HIV, which particularly affects the LGBTQ+ community are continually laid out incorrectly, with facts from prominent GPs being broadcasted to the wider community with completely outdated and stigmatic views.  There is so much more for us to do and that’s wide be a global advocate of PRIDE is so important.