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Headshot of Colin Druhan

CEO’s Creating equal opportunities for LGBTQ+ employees – Colin Druhan

Executive Director, Pride at Work Canada (Canada)

What do CEO’s need to do to create equal opportunities for LGBTQ+ employees?

Top decision makers need to understand that the LGBTQ+ community is bigger, broader and more diverse than they realize. We need our business leaders to be laser-focused on the queer and trans workers who are most consistently left out and left behind by your typical diversity and inclusion strategies. When you help those most chronically underserved, we all learn and we all win. 

Based on your experience, what is the biggest workplace diversity issue we are faced with today?

The most pervasive issue I see is that too many employers jump into the market-facing pieces of DEI without doing any of the requisite work on their own environment. I understand this impulse, especially when there is so much public pressure to increase diverse representation in advertising. However, it’s much more impactful to do the hard work of creating an inclusive environment first. Once you have more internal diversity, support and buy-in, your workforce will help you realize the most authentic and meaningful ways to share that good work with the world.