Difest Speaker Series

Headshot of Tina Vinod

Creating opportunities especially for women and the underrepresented – Tina Vinod

Global Head – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, ThoughtWorks (India)

Can you describe how you or your organization is making a significant impact in the space of diversity & inclusion?

At ThoughtWorks we believe that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion have the power to create transformative social change. We strive to create an extraordinary impact on this world through our culture and technology excellence. This purpose is a common code in every Thoughtworker and the thing that, together, makes us ThoughtWorks.

If you were given an opportunity to bring about a social change globally, what would that be? Why?

Create more opportunities to level the playing field for women and under-represented gender minorities. We need to challenge inequities and systemic bias that exist in our societies. This includes coming together of all players and stakeholders in bringing about positive social systemic change – Govts, Corporations, Non-Profits, global forums, religious & educational institutions – everyone, as this will help drive positive social change.