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Embracing Intersectionality…D&I in the Finance Sector – Jennifer Reynolds

President & CEO, Toronto Finance International (Canada)

Jennifer Reynolds, President & CEO, Toronto Finance International (Canada)

How do you see workplace diversity especially within the finance sector evolving in the next 5 years?

The sector has set some bold goals in terms of increasing the diversity in its workforce and the next 5 years will tell the story of who was serious about change and who was not. The sector has the chance to lead in corporate Canada, and internationally, and to demonstrate how we can truly benefit from our diverse talent pool. I think with the right leaders in place, who hold an unwavering commitment to succeed, we will see some definitive “winners” emerge in the sector in the years ahead.

What kind of benefits will companies reap from embracing intersectionality into the corporate culture?

To build truly inclusive corporate cultures we need to have a deeper understanding of the embedded systemic barriers and how they impact the diverse talent in our organizations. Those companies that are successful will be able to attract, and more importantly retain, a more diverse range of talent which will drive stronger performance and more sustainable businesses.