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Headshot of Mary Stutts

Importance of measuring Diversity Practices – Mary Stutts

SVP of Corporate Relations, Sumitovant Biopharma (USA)

What has made companies realize the importance of measuring diversity practices?

Certainly, societal pressure with movements like ‘Me Too” and Black Lives Matter” have caused companies to shine a greater light on the importance of DEI.  But “Relevance” is the real reason companies are realizing the importance of measuring DEI practices.  With an increasingly diverse US and global population, companies who are not tracking and perpetuating commitment to DEI internally and externally will not be able to grow customers, retain employees or achieve transformation to reach the greatest potential.

The companies and leaders who are truly serious about moving beyond lip service to committing to actual DEI accountability have revisited the robustness and overall impact of program metrics to make sure the desired impact is being achieved.

If you were given an opportunity to bring about a social change globally, what would that be? Why?

Of course, I’d love to eliminate the roots of exclusion – bias, hatred, classism, different-ism.  If we can move people to connect the dots to how roots of exclusion actually hinder all progress – individually and corporately – we would experience the true economic value of an ecosystem where everyone is living and working at their maximum potential.  It is in this environment of “inclusive diversity” that the ideas and innovations for a thriving future will be developed.  Our future will transform regardless – but will it be positive or negative?  Will everyone thrive or not?