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Headshot of Elizabeth Auceda

Supplier diversity programs are essential – Elizabeth Auceda

Supplier Diversity Manager, Sodexo (Canada)

Why are supplier diversity programs essential for fuel growth, productivity, innovation? Would you be able to briefly share a Supplier Diversity program you championed? What made the program/project successful?

More than ever Supplier diversity is becoming essential not just the right thing to do. With our current situation the survival of many of the underrepresented groups will be able to survive through a corporation supplier diversity program. This will allow growth at a corporation level and diverse supplier level. Diversity of thought through innovation is reflected time and time again. I cannot express the way many of the Diverse supplier have pivot their business and are succeeding. To know that a Supplier Diversity program is a contributor or steppingstone for a better tomorrow in Canada.

Sodexo Supplier Diversity Program looks at all dimensions of diversity in the supply chain. The requirement of a Diverse supplier classification must be a business that is 51% owned and controlled by one of the following:

  • Women – owned
  • Minority – owned
  • Indigenous – owned
  • LGBT – owned
  • Person with a disability – owned
  • Veteran – owned

We also include small and medium business.

What has made Sodexo program successful. You must have an active program not just having the program to check off an initiative. Commitment from all levels of the company is very important.  Leveraging champions at different level of the company that can be your voice and resources for growth. The number one word I heard when they address our program is passion. You must believe and be passionate to the role and responsibility Supplier Diversity offers all.