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Headshot of Neelam Jain

Supporting Transgender persons – Neelam Jain

Founder & CEO, PeriFerry (India)

“We see a world of endless possibilities and truly believe that we can do well and do good at the same time. I left my job as a Financial Analyst in Goldman Sachs to support transgender persons to become financially independent”

Over the years, we built a self-sustainable model to create meaningful employment opportunities for trans persons. PeriFerry is a purpose driven organisation that deeply connects with the community, works on complex issues at the grassroots level. We not only help companies onboard credible talent but also create a culture of inclusion, acceptance and empathy for the LGBTQI+ community. PeriFerry aims to positively impact the massive one crore trans population in India and help create sustainable & inclusive livelihood for them. Till date we have created jobs for 170+ trans persons and sensitised over 22000+ corporate India employees.