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Laptops are Useful but Pens are Precious: Protecting our Boomers at the Time of Crisis

There was a time when pens were one of our most precious belongings and we had a collection of them. A family member close to our hearts, pens reflected a unique strength and great confidence. It made us intellectual, expressive and one that commanded respect. Each of us had our own unique font that much spoke about our personalities. We called it HANDWRITING.

Pens represent our baby boomers, who are undoubtedly the most hardworking, resourceful and respected among all generations. They have seen life through the roughest times and carry with them a legacy of experience for generations to inherit. Here are some of my perspectives that would make you love our boomers and protect them at all times:


Pen refills last for days and sometimes weeks unlike your laptop that requires charge almost every single day. Similarly, boomers have worked through their youth and spent most of their lives working long hours to build large enterprises and look after their families. Among most generations, the least burnouts happen among boomers and they find purpose in what they are doing.


Writing is one of the most important inventions in human history and pens support this invention. Written communication not only made us express our thoughts, but also helped us record occurrences. Boomers have been a part of inventions. They have created new product lines with a purpose of giving value to the community. They have not only challenged themselves through the journey but challenged the norms of the world.


It takes a pen and paper to express life’s beautiful moments. Pens are one the most self-sufficient resources we possessed. Baby boomers didn’t depend on resources but made themselves the best resources they had. They optimized the limited resources available and eventually learned through trial and error. They have set a trend for us to emulate.

Adding Life to Years:

Adding a meaning to every line we write, who better than our boomers can teach us life’s meaning and purpose. Baby boomers are redefining what ageing is and what old age looks like. With the life expectancy going up in recent years, 60’s becomes the new 40’s and imagine a 40 year boomer having the experience of a 60 year Gen Y. Isn’t that amazing.


Strong sailors are those who navigate through rough seas. Our boomers have seen rough waters and emerged strong as winners. They have learned to stay calm and composed in the most stressful situation, thinking right and acting accordingly. Their persistence and risk taking ability have made them one of the most valuable people on the planet.

Reverse Mentoring:

The hand behind the pen makes the handwriting standout. Reverse mentoring is an opportunity for young generations to pick on the experiences from boomers and learn skillsets such as strategy, decision-making, team building, etc. which are some of the most important soft skills required to run large enterprises.

When we make mistakes while writing, they are visible, especially when we strike off or use a white pen marker to cover it, unlike a laptop where you can hit the delete button. Baby boomers admit their mistakes and treat them as learning steps, more importantly they recorded them. The younger generations are privileged to learn from their (baby boomers) failures and leverage their (boomers) successes. As we get older, we acquire wisdom. If wisdom is a gift that comes with age, why not preserve those who have it in abundance to shape the future.

In conclusion, the current crisis has created a deeper bonding between the younger generations and boomers. With a higher mortality rate among boomers, it is our responsibility to show more care and concern not only to our loved ones but also to those we don’t know. We can do so by simply raising awareness of self-isolation, regular washing hands with soap or even buying groceries for boomers so that they stay indoors. The longer they live, the more our economy and society benefits.

Written by:
Rudinov Vincent, CEO, Lormat Consulting Company and
Founder, DIfest America and Canada. |



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