Bias Relationship & Trust Building


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Bias Relationship & Trust Building

December 6 - 8, 2022, United Arab Emirates

What are the Goals?

  • By the end of this course participants will be able to:
  • Gain a deep knowledge of the logical structure, guidelines, tips, and practical exercises to build work relationships.
  • Describe the significance of effective work relationships
  • Examine the factors that develop a trusting relationship
  • Identify different personality styles for mutual benefit
  • Understand how to use active and mindful listening for better team engagement
  • Develop collaborative working relationships to achieve business growth
  • Learn how to increase trust by uncovering common goals
  • Identify their individual strengths
  • Gain a better understanding as to how certain individuals make decisions
  • Develop strategies for improving interpersonal Skills
  • Learn how to relate to others more effectively
  • Identify essential information for developing individuals and teams
  • Explore productive and counter-productive aspects which enable an individual to develop a focused action plan and improve performance.

Who should attend?

One of the values that make up interaction, be it professionally or personal is to build proper trust in relationships one may have. This workshop is specifically designed for the needs catering to individuals that are :

  • Individuals in leadership roles
  • Individuals being trained for leadership roles
  • Individuals working together in teams
  • Individuals involved in inter-personal communication
  • Individuals with interest in the study of behavioral patterns

Same-Day Access

Fully In-Person

14 Hours
Over 2 Days

Experiential Learning

4 Modules

Certificate of Completion

Meet the Instructor:

Rabih Kfoury

Trainer | Life & Executive Coach | Keynote & Motivational Speaker | Emotional Intelligence & Behavioral Analyst

Throughout Rabih’s journey, my expertise reached 4 continents and more than 30 countries, from America to Europe down to Africa arriving to Asia, in particular the middle east and the gulf region as well as different industries such as technology, retail, construction, just to name few. And while walking this challenging and educational path, I got to evolve on a personal and professional level and become an expert in Emotional Intelligence & Behavioural Development, Talent Management, Strategic Consulting, and Organization Management.

From conducting training, workshops and coaching to delivering speeches and consultations in strategic and organizational management, emotional intelligence mastering, behavioural development, as well as organization & Talent management, it is through those tasks, where I invest my knowledge and expertise, that I get to encourage people around me to become better humans, to recognize and develop their hidden talents, to stimulate their personal development and to become leaders! In addition, other field of my expertise also
include leadership, performance management, succession planning, cultural engineering, communication, policies & procedure creation & development, behavioural analysis and change, negotiation and conflict resolution, body language and lie detection, fear and stress management, employment branding, innovative and creative thinking.


This course provides participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to build and maintain effective workplace relationships.
Understanding work preferences and behavioural styles is a critical component in any relationship and at the course different Models are used as a basis for focusing on enhancing understanding of individual’s approaches to work and how they relate to others. Great leadership begins with building trust in the workplace relationships, better and healthier workplace relationships will lead to better organizational performance and achievements.

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November 14 - 16, 2022, United Arab Emirates​