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Designing a 360 degree strategy in order to achieve social sustainability

Key learnings:

  • What is Social Sustainability and how can we design a 360 degree
    strategy in order to achieve it, regardless of the company’s size
  • How can a company focus on Diversity – Equity – Inclusion (DEI) and make sure that all the voices are going to be equally heard within the company?
  • How does the “Social Sustainability Map” look like and what are  the key benefits of DEI
  • What do the Shareholders and Boards need to know in order to endorse these strategies?
  • In what ways is this strategic shift beneficial for a company?
  • What do the current and future employees expect from a company? How can you attract and retain talent in the “Great Resignation” era
  • How does the workplace of the future look like?

Who should attend:

This workshop is ideal for professionals who wish to deep dive into a more holistic ESG approach and design a strategy on Social Sustainability. A strategy that is effective both for the stakeholders and the shareholders. That takes into consideration Diversity-Equity Inclusion (DEI), as well as the needs of the current and future employees.
Designed to be interactive and engaging, the workshop is full of real-life examples and success stories from Europe and the America and ideal for those who are looking for solutions to be implemented with immediate effect.

Relevant Job titles:

  • C-suite, Board Members
  • CSR / ESG Professionals
  • Human Resources
  • DEIB and Head of Culture
  • Leadership and Management Consultants
  • Advisors, Managers of Social Impact

Same-Day Access

Fully In-Person

14 Hours
Over 2 Days

Experiential Learning

4 Modules

Certificate of Completion

Meet the Instructor:

Melina Taprantzi

Social Entrepreneur SDGs and ESG Consultant Founder of Wise Greece

Melina is a social entrepreneur who in 2020 was one of the seven women globally that received the prestigious “SDGs and Her” award from the United Nations and the World Bank, for her work in the implementation of the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development. She has been leading SDGs and ESG projects from conception to implementation, supporting Fortune 1000 companies in the Agri-food, Renewable Energy, Technology, Media, Retail and Consumer Goods markets.

As an Advisor on Corporate Social Responsibility and Equality Diversity and Inclusion she is participating in ESG process improvement, evaluating ESG reports, forging strategies on stakeholder engagement and implementing programs on employee attraction and retention, while organizing workshops and focus groups directed at social sustainability. 

She is also managing sustainable development and ESG frameworks for corporate clients with the ability to articulate environmental, wellbeing, social value and governance perspectives. She is teaching courses on sustainability and social impact in undergrad programs and she organizes workshops on CSR for corporate executives. Melina sits on the Board of multinational Organizations and she is a keynote speaker at international seminars on social entrepreneurship. 

She is a TEDX Speaker, a BMW Foundation Responsible Leader, an IVLP Alumna in the program of Social Responsibility and Innovation funded by the US Department of State, a co-builder of the international World Human Forum, a Young Emerging Leader 2018 by the European-Australian Forum and a Young Innovative Leader 2019 (YTILI Fellow) by the German Marshall Fund and the US Department of State. She cofounded a Marketing Agency in 2007 attracting nationwide accounts, before founding the multiple awarded social enterprise “Wise Greece” in 2013, which promotes top quality Greek products and uses the profits from sales in order to buy food supplies and donate them to people living under the poverty line. 

Today Wise Greece works with over 100 small producers who offer over 2500 products; exports to 8 countries in the EU and US markets, has so far donated tons of food supplies to orphanages, soup kitchens and charitable institutions, has received multiple prestigious awards, among which is the prestigious award from the President of the Greek Republic “Models of Excellence”, as well as the Start Up award for sustainability and social contribution, the European Social Challenge Award 2018, the Innovative Fundraising Award by the British Council and the BeMed Award by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.


Directly or indirectly, companies affect what happens to employees, workers in the value chain, customers and local communities and it is important to manage impact and possible crisis proactively!

Social sustainability often gets less attention than environmental sustainability, but it’s just as important. Every company should meet the needs of the current generations and design the space for future ones. Let us not forget, that Millennials and Gen Z, which are our future customers and employees, they don’t just “talk sustainability”. They walk, wear and eat it too! And they demand from a company to be totally aligned with their social values, otherwise they are simply not interested.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative for companies to embrace this new reality and focus on the key elements of Social Sustainability. DEI, building safe and sustainable workplaces, creating lasting impact in the local communities, enhancing trust and conducting inclusive strategies that people would want to be part of, watching sustainability through the impact lens and not the policy lens, are some of the key points which will be deeply analyzed in this workshop!

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October 31 to November 1, 2022, United Arab Emirates