Alice Yuan of SAS

Alice Yuan

Alice is an Ivey HBA graduate and brings 3+ years of professional experience in project development and marketing. Currently, she leads the Canadian retention and advocacy marketing team at a global software analytics firm.

Key responsibilities of her role includes managing communications with the organization’s customers to help guide the retention and
advocacy strategic direction through their experiences and insights; and, similarly, with internal customer-facing teams to support and strengthen their relationship with customers.
Previously, Alice had 6 years of experience as a Zumba Fitness Instructor, which allowed her to marry her passion for dance. She acquired unique insights into customer relationship management and creating meaningful customer experiences that she brings to her teams. Alice
is also an avid tennis fan, which has turned into a 7 year (ongoing) volunteer relationship with Tennis Canada’s National Bank Open – plus one summer as a Sponsorships Intern on the Fund Development team.

Alice is passionate about enabling others to grow and positively transform towards their potential. She also possesses an instinct to help others, to seek out the most impactful opportunities, and speak up for those who cannot. While in university, Alice was a mentor to
many students through the Ivey Marketing Club, Women in Management, and Pre-Business Students’ Network. At work, Alice also takes on the additional responsibilities as Co-Lead for the organization’s CSR Team, where she invests in holistic company well-being by executing social initiatives and supporting local community organizations.

Outside of work, as Community Outreach, Partnerships, and Sponsorships Co-Lead, she builds relationships with community and corporate organizations to plan events that empower women to build purposeful and fulfilling careers. Not forgetting her roots, Alice volunteers as a Judge for DECA Competitions to help secondary students gain the same valuable experiential learning opportunities that sparked her initial interest in exploring a business career. Now, Alice is excited to join the NAAAP TO team and make meaningful contributions to diversity and inclusion in the workplace and the community-at-large. She’s looking forward to meeting many inspiring peers in the AAPI community.