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Headshot of Charu Manchanda Nair

Charu Manchanda Nair

CEO and Professor Emeritus, KEYS2DEI Consulting

Charu Nair, Founder/CEO of KEYS2DEI, brings three decades of significant practitioner experience in the DEI workspace evolution. She led corporate ERGs, coached leaders from compliance-to-culture change, innovated multidisciplinary frontiers as MBA+Humanities Faculty, gained immense insights from her posts of Human Rights and Civil Rights Commissioners, Board service for the Urban League and several DEI Boards and Committees.

Earlier she successfully  launched the first laptop in India, built the World Trade Center Portland membership from scratch to scale hundreds of businesses, and led a five-country Asian trade mission. She is also involved in leading her local United Nations Association. As she brings her forcefield of innovative thinking and acclaimed work ethic to the service of her clients and as Board advisor, foresight is her key. She has led a team to create a successful and sustainable Equity Policy, advocated for strategic plan alignment to ensure policy is actionable and participated in the establishment and functioning of a DEI Advisory Board. Recently her company curated a highly successful five-city equity summit spanning schools, cities and communities, that drew hundreds to the inaugural launch. With three degrees spanning three countries and travels to seventy more, Ms. Nair’s deep expertise, skillset and discerning perspective in this space is scaffolded by her wide-ranging worldwide acumen.