Headshot of Dr. Eunyun Park

Dr. Eunyun Park

Principal & Board Member, UnaMesa Association (USA & Korea)

Dr. Eunyun Park has done policy research for the Ministry of Gender Equity & Family in Korea on diversity and inclusion, the results of which were presented at the Korean National Assembly. She was also principal researcher for the first comparative study of women’s career disruption in Korea and the US.

Her other experience includes leading the data and analysis team for numerous HR industry studies for Deloitte, including its Diversity and Inclusion Maturity Model (2017). As a business unit and R&D leader of an innovation consulting firm, she also led the development of a diagnostic product suite that showed “interdependence” – diversity and inclusion – as the primary factor leading to sustainable innovation for companies.

Dr. Park has worked as an HR executive, management consultant, executive coach, and R&D leader in the U.S. and Asia. She holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from Cornell University.