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Headshot of Dr. Myra Hubbard

Dr. Myra Hubbard

President & CEO, Hubbard Women's Professional Success & Empowerment Institute. (USA)

Dr. Hubbard is President of the Hubbard Women’s Professional Success & Empowerment Institute, which focuses on strategies for elevating women’s self-empowerment. She successfully applies her management and business expertise, counseling, and coaching background for enhanced client performance improvement. Her emphasis as a women’s self-empowerment strategist is on practical “how-to” approaches directly related to personal and professional success.

Dr. Hubbard has authored several books such as Experience Leaves Clues: 7 Keys to Self-EmpowermentEmpowering Yourself to Embrace ChangeAssertiveness and Self-ConfidenceMeasuring the ROI Impact of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and Business Resource Groups (BRGs): Ensuring Employee Resource Group Initiatives Drive Business and Organizational Results and her current book TAP IN®: Elevating Women’s Self-Empowerment will be released early 2020.

She serves as Executive Vice President of Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc., an international organization and human performance-consulting corporation that specializes in techniques for applied business performance improvement, Diversity Return on Investment (DROI®) measurement and analytics, and strategic organizational development. With her many years of experience, she has a broad range of capability providing Training, Measurement Strategies, Team Building, Organizational Change Methodologies, and Managing Organizational Cultural Audits and Climate Survey Processes.