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Headshot of Dr. Salima Bhimani

Dr. Salima Bhimani

Chief Equity + Inclusion Strategist for the Other Bets, Alphabet (Google)

Dr. Salima Bhimani is the Chief Equity + Inclusion Strategist for the Other Bets at Alphabet (Google). She leads, partners with and enables the Bets to achieve equity, inclusion and increased representation (EID) through systemic change.

As a social transformation leader, innovator and equity polymath, her secret sauce as an EID expert comes from merging her praxis as an organizational systemic change designer, advocate, strategist, researcher, educator and consultant.

She came to Alphabet as an award winning EID practitioner of 23 years having worked in the public, private, international and academic sectors. Some of her work highlights include: Remodeling the Canadian Federal Government’s resourcing channels by exposing racial profiling and structural racism in education systems. Working in the global south, leading efforts on women’s human rights through NGOs. Creating racial and gender equity policy frameworks for large scale institutions. Prior to her role at Alphabet she was the CEO and Founder of Relational, a global consulting firm empowering organizations on the path of EID.

In addition to her professional background, she brings academic rigor to EID work with a PhD In Education focusing on transforming racial and gender social exclusion in communities and institutions. A Master in Environmental Studies focused on the representation of women of color in public spheres. A Bachelor of Education and Honors Bachelors in Anthropology and Women and Gender.