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Gabrielle Daré

Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council Vice-Chair, Unisys (Brazil)

Gabrielle Daré joined Unisys in 2019 as an Organizational Change Management & Communications Manager. She was involved with the foundation of the Diversity & Inclusion program in Latin America, developing and facilitating educational content, benchmarking, events, external partnerships, and other initiatives. In 2020, she was nominated the leader of the Latin America Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Council, as well as honored a Diversity Champion. In January 2021, she was nominated for a 2-year role as a member of the Global DEI Council and the Race & Ethnicity task force. A few weeks ago, she was invited to take on the Vice-Chair role on this Council, as well as to be part of the decision-making group for ESG and Social Responsibility programs in Brazil. She combines her role as an OCM & Communications Manager with the other roles for the different DEI Councils and Affinity Groups . Before joining Unisys, Gabrielle worked in Corporate Communications, Marketing and Change Management areas in companies such as GE, Suzano, Mettler-Toledo and Capgemini. During this period, she was involved with many different volunteering and social responsibility activities, as social justice and equality were always topics close to her heart.