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Jutta Treviranus

Founder and Director of the Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University (Canada)

Jutta Treviranus is the founder and director of the Inclusive Design Research Centre at OCAD University. With its growing global community, the mission of the IDRC is to proactively ensure that emerging technical systems and their associated practices are designed to benefit and include human difference. Jutta’s pioneering work in inclusive design has seeded the adoption of more inclusive practices in companies such as Microsoft (https://www.fastcompany.com/3054927/microsofts-inspiring-bet-on-a-radical-new-type-of-design-thinking)  and Adobe (https://theblog.adobe.com/making-inclusive-design-the-norm/). She also founded a graduate program in inclusive design. Dr. Treviranus is engaged as a thought leader by governments and advisories around the world including the Digital Strategy Advisory Panel of Waterfront Toronto, the Digital Academy of the Government of Canada, the European Commission and the UN.