Marianela Vazquez of Numerated

Marianela Vazquez

Chief Customer Officer, Numerated

Marianela Vazquez leads the Service and Delivery organization at Numerated. She has over 15 years of experience delivering results through a combination of her strategic leadership and ability to drive execution cross functionally. Prior to being acquired by FIS,

Marianela got her start at Sungard Wealth management before being brought in-house by State Street Financials’ Wealth Management Business to build out their project management and business analysis orgs. During her career in the FinTech Wealth Management space

She helped build key strategic relationships and deliver on key initiatives with industry leaders like Vestmark, Inc. She is also an avid fan of operational excellence, focused on ensuring outcomes are measured, and believes in constantly evaluating processes based on those outcomes. Vazquez graduated from Lasell University with an MS in management and from Bentley University with an undergraduate degree in managerial economics.