Headshot of Rudinov Vincent

Rudinov Vincent

Founder & CEO, DIFEST

Rudinov started his career 20 years back, where he was responsible for running the HR and Change Management portfolio of events in the Indian sub-continent. Some of his early career years involved creating an interface between academic institutions and HR professionals to generate job opportunities for students through campus recruitments.

He spent over a decade in the Middle East, where he was responsible for expanding the organization’s portfolio of live engagements into global markets. Working across 5 continents got him an in-depth understanding and exposure to different diverse groups and C-suite professionals within organizations and Institutions.

With a passion for connecting people and drive for bringing a change, he created DIFEST; a global movement that highlights workplace diversity, equity and inclusion through powerful, action-driven discussions. DIFEST is aimed at creating a global platform where every organization and institution in the world share best practices on diversity and inclusion making DIFEST a significant part of the knowledge economy.

A recipient of 3 awards, Rudinov has a strong business acumen with a vision to connect business communities globally. He is currently based in Toronto with his wife and twins; a boy and girl.