Headshot of Vessy Tasheva

Vessy Tasheva

Founder, Vessy.com (Ireland)

Originally Bulgarian and based out of Ireland, Vessy work with clients across Europe and North America such as Soundcloud, Reward Gateway, Typeform and more. Vessy authored two editions of my independent international Diversity in the Workplace Report (2019 edition featuring 10 companies from 10 countries: vessy.com/diversity and 2020 edition featuring 10 companies from 10 industries: vessy.com/2020).

Vessy was named by Hive Learning as one of 2019’s most influential D&I Leaders globally and as one of the UK’s most influential D&I leaders in 2020. In April 2020 she launched a video course on Inclusive Leadership on SocialTalent, learning platform, where the course ranked as #2 in the Most Watched course for the month of May. 

In the last 11 years, prior to being a founder, Vessy has worked as Chief Strategy Officer of a talent tech startup, as well as in various roles across product, marketing, and culture in companies between 4 and 800 employees. 

Currently, she is attending a certified course in Psychotherapy & Counselling with PCI College in Ireland, in preparation for MSc in Psychotherapy in order to examine D&I in the field of psychotherapy and to develop an intersectional approach to D&I through mental health as a unifying factor for all employees in an increasingly polarized world.